How do I arrange a shoot with you?

Simply email me or use the contact form on my website and state what kind of shoot you are looking for and what dates you’d prefer.

How do I pay?

I take payments in advance via paypal or bank transfer but in a pinch I can take a cheque posted in the mail. If you want to pay by card you can purchase a voucher through BigCartel.

Where are you based?

I’m based in Cardiff UK but am happy to travel.

My wedding is not near Cardiff will you still be able to shoot it?

I can as long as travel (and sometimes accommodation) is covered.

How do you take payment for weddings?

I take a £250 deposit to secure the date (this is NOT refundable if you cancel the wedding at short notice). I like to meet and discuss the wedding details and have both of us sign a contract that protects both our interests. I take the remaining amount closer to the wedding.

How long will it take to edit the images?

Depending on the shoot and my schedule it can take between two to three weeks. For weddings between 2-6 weeks.

How many images will I receive?

I edit any usable images from a wedding or a shoot. So you usually get a fair few. I don't edit any blurry ones or duplicates. I will usually do a black and white and colour version of an image too.

How will I receive my images?

I post a CD/DVD disk in a case or a flash drive in a Kraft Gift box. If required I will send a permission document giving you permission rights to print the images

Do you do wedding albums?

I believe the bride and groom know their taste best so I only provide images. If I get more demand for wedding albums it is a service I may consider.

I hate having my photo taken and I don’t like posed photographs. Will this be a problem?

I will do my best to make you relaxed while working with me and I will not put any pressure on you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. I am happy to stay further back and snap candid images rather than traditional posed images if that is what you prefer- it’s your shoot and I will do anything to make sure you are happy with the images.

I don’t want much photoshoppping as I prefer natural images will this be ok?

Of course, I only use a lot of photoshop when doing beauty or fashion shoots. I will mostly just be correcting colour and taking away a stray spot or two. On the flip side if you want me to photoshop a slightly more magical setting I can  add some sparkle in.

I’m an aspiring model can I work Time-For-Print with you?

I no longer work for free unless it’s on personal projects (for exhibition or stock) so it’s very rare I do any trade work. You are free to email me a link to your agency model card or website for me to keep in consideration. I get so many messages that I can’t always reply to them all. If you really want to work with me to improve your portfolio then you can chose from several portfolio packages I offer. 

I have a product I want images of but I have no budget, can we still work together?

Generally, no, unless it’s editorial work for print magazines. However if it ties in with my personal work I may consider it. I give priority to Wedding and Bridal products.

I love your fashion work, can I book a shoot in a similar vein?

Of course you can. It’s sometimes easier if you send me images you like or a pintrest board so I can get an idea of what sort of thing you’re after. You’d have to source the clothes and accessories. There would be an extra charge to hire hair and make-up.

Are you LGBT friendly?

I am 100% a LBGT ally 

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